If your horse has a short or thin tail, I can help you with extensions or a false tail for your horse. On this page you will find some information, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

Extensions are braided into the tail of your horse. You will not see them. After a couple of months, when they grow down with your horse's hair, then the braids will become visible. The extensions stay in for 3 - 9 months, depending how fast the tail grows.  I only use 100% natural horsehair and I have several colours so there will always be a suitable solution for your horse.

False Tails

It's also possible to order a false tail. This tail is hand made for you and your horse. The horsehair is braided on a ring, witch you can attach to your horse's tail yourself. This false tail doesn't stay in for a longer period of time, you braid it in and out, every time you go to a show or judging. You can use this tial as often as you want, and for several horses with the same colour hair.

Extensions often give a more natural look then a false tail, but you have to replace them every couple of months. So if you want to invest only once, then a false tail is the thing for you!
For shippment abroad, a false tail will work great. 


HT Hunter

(the braid in the top part is NOT necesarry to use this false tail, it's just for the video)

 HT Original

For shippment abroad, a false tail will work great. Ofcourse I can come over to another country to braid in extensions; please contact me for more info. 

Let 's talk money
False tail: 250,00- 275,00 euro, depending colour

Extensions prices when horse located in or near Holland:
300,00 normal  - 345,00 Extra full excl trip cost

Is your horse located further away, what makes traveling neccesary, Prices are:
350,00 - 400,00  excl trip cost.  With a minimum of 5 horses in one trip.